Discipline in sports (discipline in everything )

I never knew the impact that sports could have in my life. Since i was very young my parents registered me in different activities. Now that I am a parent my self i understand their goal.
Sports aren’t only for the physical but for the mental too.
For a very long time in a long time i am very disciplined with my physical activities.
The results appear in every aspect in my life. I am more happy and balanced. I respect my professional deadlines because i push my self even when i am really tired and feel like giving up.
Even religiously, i won’t miss a prayer because in my head what needs to be done should be done.
These signs have a very positive impact in my life and it’s thanks to the discipline that i have in my physical activities.
I am being active because i want to stay healthy and ofcourse i want to look great. Best of all my spirituality is in a better way.

Let’s move for the better



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