Classy Monday

Orange is the new black!!!!

 I love wearing my African dresses,I always feel like a queen wearing them.

My african roots are my fortune. I am the person Iam because of where I come from.African women are so classy ,we love colors and to dress up.

Take monday with determination and the rest of the week will be easy to handle.

When you have your own business you don’t do holidays like everybody else but that’s the amazing part of the journey.

Let’s do this!!!




It often happens that people give negative comments about your attitude or behavior towards them.
For me it has been a real struggle because i use to take it very personally and start questioning my self.
With a better self esteem i finally started to realize that what those kind of people are saying do not define me but it defines them.
Most of the time what other people say/tell about you reflects their own personality.
I think that it’ s time to forgive and move on.Be a bigger person by understanding that the only thing that matter is how YOU feel about yourself.Your are the person you are in your own way,no body is in a better place to tell you how you should behave or be.
Stay true to your self and always treat people the way you want to be treated.

Life goes on



Classy Monday

This past weekend has been both good and sad.Good because it was My baby boys Birthday and sad because of all the things happening in Stockholm.

But today is a new day and Iam very grateful that Iam alive.I started the day with an amazing workout and i had a very tasty Caesar sallad for lunch.

iam taking a rest now so that i can work later on.

I hope that you are all good.



Signature Style

I just want to talk about how different we all are when it comes to style.Some of us follow the trends and other create the style they feel comfortable with. Honestly i am 50/50 because i already know what works  for me but i also like to try out new trends sometimes. And If something doesn’t feel right I am ready to let go.

My advice to you ladies is to take the time to do research so that you can find out what works for you. You can use different tools as Apps, magazines,blogs or fashion instagram pages.
For me is pinterest the best tool to use (it is an application you can download or just log in from your computer). You will find a lot of inspiration there for exempel how you to build up your own personal wardrobe.

You should start by learning to know your body, choose simple and casual outfits,try out different colors and shapes.
Fashion is supposed to be fun, you can always use accessories to pimp up your style.
The past years i have been trying to find a signature style that reflects my professional profile and it takes time. 

This spring i will show you how i am building my basic wardrobe for the beginning. Trust me It’s the best way to find and keep the perfect style.